Monument Avenue Pediatrics Physician Statement on Vaccinations

We strongly believe in the safety and effectiveness of vaccines. They save children’s lives and prevent serious life altering illnesses. A conclusive link between developmental delays and the administration of vaccines has never been found. The studied and proven benefits of vaccines outweigh any risks of rare but serious adverse events following vaccine administration.
As more people choose to selectively vaccinate their children, the theoretical benefits of herd immunity (when a high percentage of a population is immune to a disease through vaccination) are lessening. Our job is to educate you, the parent or caregiver, on the benefits and risks of vaccines so that you can make the most well-informed decision on behalf of your child. If you choose to decline, delay or use an alternate vaccine schedule, we will ask you to sign an official document stating that you are aware of the risk delaying vaccines poses to your child. We will discuss vaccines at each well-child checkup until your child is completely up to date with the CDC-recommended schedule. Ultimately, we know that you want to make the best decision for your child and we are here to support you.